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BORNEO or well known as Kalimantan is the third largest island in the world after Greenland, 80% of the island is Indonesian part. As the Indonesian part Borneo is still very large and as the hope land of Indonesia in the future.
Borneo Indonesian part is covered 85% by density rainforest with uniqueness of flora and fauna.

Borneo as the main destination for ecotourism and adventure tours in Indonesia is being developed since 1987. In Borneo we have nature offers such as wonderful and difine beauty with evergreen rainforest, mountain, lakes, stream, tropical sun and amazing original rainforest with thousand of rivers . . . .

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About Trans Borneo Adventure

TRANS BORNEO ADVENTURE is one of the leading tour operator in Borneo Indonesia since 1987, we have been developing some pilot projects for new tourist destination in Borneo and all of them being well developed.

Our professional tour staff to handle of the clients have been proved with the successful of holding the inbound market from all over the world due 80% of the clients are repeaters.

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